KCC Stories: Business Management student Allison Anthony dual-enrolled in high school to get ahead

Business Management student Allison Anthony.

When Allison Anthony graduated from Pennfield High School last spring, she did so with 12 college credits earned by dual-enrolling at Kellogg Community College.

The 18-year-old Business Management major took two KCC classes per semester her senior year of high school, and hopes those early credits will help her graduate from KCC that much sooner.

“In the long run that saved me a lot of time and money,” Anthony says. “And it was nice to get a little bit of the college experience while still in high school.”

Along with having a dozen-credit jump on her degree when starting at KCC last fall, the convenience factor was another reason Anthony chose to attend KCC after high school. It’s close to home, she says, and to friends and family.

This semester, she’s is taking five classes at KCC, including courses in accounting, business law and marketing in addition to general math and English classes. Today she works as a receptionist in KCC’s Support Services office, and someday hopes to put her education and work experiences to use by starting a business of her own.

“I have a lot of family who have had their own businesses, so I got to watch them and see all the success that they had, and I always wanted to have my own business someday,” she says. “I’ve always just liked the whole business aspect and everything about it.”

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