KCC Stories: Gold Key Scholar Autumn Thornton is studying science, wants to be a vet

KCC student Autumn Thornton.

Kellogg Community College freshman Autumn Thornton wants to be a veterinarian and is getting her start by studying science at KCC.

“I am going into this field because I love animals and I love helping them,” Thornton says. “I have done a lot of job shadowing and really love the idea of being a vet.”

A 2017 graduate of Athens High School, Thornton, 18, got a jump on her career plans by dual enrolling at KCC while still in high school.

After graduating from KCC, Thornton plans on transferring to Michigan State University and working toward a doctorate. A recipient of the KCC Foundation’s Gold Key Scholarship – the College’s most prestigious scholarship – Thornton has no regrets about starting at KCC.

“Deciding to go to KCC first was one of the best decisions I have made,” Thornton says. “I have been able to live at home and get adjusted to college before moving away. I am doing great in my classes this semester and couldn’t be happier.”

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