Advice for new college students from KCC alumni

Students walking between classes at Kellogg Community College.

It’s a new semester. Papers are assigned, studying needs to be done and you’ve got to fit lunch in there somewhere. Luckily for you, some Kellogg Community College alumni have some advice on how to get the most out of your time on campus.

On KCC’s Facebook page, we asked if anyone had advice for new college students. Below are some of their responses.

Autumn J. Isaac: “Grab a person in each class and exchange emails in case you miss a class!”

Brooklyn Pisatahai Kennedy: “Don’t be afraid to stay after class to ask questions about the lecture or lab. Also, check your email, check your KCC email, check your email again and then check it about ten minutes after the last time you checked it.”

Kaylynn Linsley: “Form a good relationship with your professors. They are excellent when you need a professional reference. They are also professionals in the field that you are studying and can help you navigate getting jobs in that field. You may even find a mentor before you enter the workforce!”

Jena Lea: “Schedule a gap between classes. Instead of going home, go to the LRC to study, meet with other students for projects or do homework.”

Joshua Englehart: “Don’t look at the staircase, but focus on the next step. Especially if you’re older like I was. As we age, hours seem longer but ironically days get shorter. Time is gonna pass regardless, might as well make something of it when it comes to your education.”

Tanya Leigh Hilliker: “Auto save is your new best friend. Break up your classes. Take a few hard core ones, break it up with a fun one now and then. Get involved on campus with a group 🙂 Building relationships will last a life time. Biggest, and I mean the biggest, TALK to your professors. They want you to succeed as well.”

Isaac Lake: “Don’t panic and don’t disappear!”

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