KCC Stories: Pennfield sophomore Emma Kurtz loves architecture and sculpting, wants to study 3D design

Pennfield High School sophomore Emma Kurtz.

By Owen Needham

Pennfield High School sophomore Emma Kurtz has always had a love for art, specifically dealing with the design of buildings and the freedom to work with her hands.

Kurtz, 15, has a particular interest in 3D design and has even taken a sculpting class.

“I’m hoping to go into three-dimensional design because I absolutely love architecture and sculptures and how it translates,” Kurtz said.

Kurtz is a big fan of design and how it works with its surrounding creations. She said that when she is in Chicago, she likes to look at and admire the buildings. The buildings just flow together to make one big city, yet still remain independent.

She hopes to go to Calvin College to pursue her career in 3D design. The whole campus intrigues her. She loves both the design and the content of the college.

“I love their art programs, and I also love the campus,” she said.

Her backup schools are Western Michigan University or the University of Michigan. Wherever she ends up, Kurtz hopes to study design in college.

“I think that would translate well into what I love, that being architecture and sculpting,” Kurtz said.

About the Author

Author and Union City High School sophomore Needham and his subject Kurtz were on campus Tuesday, March 20, to learn about writing and journalism as part of the Battle Creek College Access Network’s 2018 Sophomore Future Track event, which offers hands-on career exploration for area high school sophomores focused on a specific career or field of interest.