KCC Stories: KCC alumna Valerie Amante is pursuing her master’s, wants to be an English teacher

KCC alumna Valerie Amante.

Photo by Bailey Scott

Kellogg Community College alumna Valerie Amante has always had a passion for English, but when it comes to her studies at KCC, what sticks out in her mind is math.

Specifically, KCC math professor Sue Stetler, who Amante says is the best math teacher she’s ever had.

“I had always struggled with math in grade school, and when I came to KCC I dreaded taking a math class,” Amante says. “However, it was so refreshing to be in a class where the teacher took the time to go step-by-step with each equation and make sure we understood the content.”

Amante only had to take two math classes for her major at the time, and thankfully had Stetler for both classes.

“I remember on one occasion when she used M&M’s as a visual representation of ratios and it really helped me, as a visual learner, to better understand the content,” Amante says. “Plus, it was delicious.”

Amante graduated with honors from KCC in December 2008 with Associate in Arts and Associate in General Studies degrees. Now 29 and pursuing a master’s degree in education from Western Governors University, Amante hopes to become a teacher herself, possibly teaching English and creative writing classes at the college level.

She’s also working on publishing her third book, which she hopes to have done this fall.

“I’ve been a writer since I was a young girl, and English is my passion,” she says. “Creative writing and poetry are my specialty, and I loved the creative writing classes that I took at KCC.”

Amante says she really enjoyed her time at KCC and that it prepared her for the road ahead as she went on to university and finished up her bachelor’s degree.

“Great teachers and interesting classes made my experience noteworthy,” Amante says. “Thank you Sue Stetler for making math a little less awful and a lot more enjoyable!”

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