KCC freezes tuition, fee rates for 2018-19

A view of the reflecting pools area in front of the North Avenue campus on a sunny summer day.

In a move that will benefit thousands of current and future college students, the Kellogg Community College Board of Trustees on Wednesday froze the College’s tuition and fee rates for the upcoming 2018-19 academic year.

Tuition rates and fees in all categories at KCC will remain at their current levels through the Summer 2019 semester. KCC’s resident rate will remain at $107.75 per credit hour and fees will remain at $15 per credit hour.

“As financial stewards of tuition and tax dollars, the College’s Board has long maintained that KCC will keep the costs of education as low as possible for our students,” Board Chairman Steve Claywell said. “By freezing tuition for at least the next four semesters, we are helping our Bruins plan for their future by taking the prospect of a tuition rate increase out of the equation.”

KCC President Mark O’Connell recommended the freeze based upon recent improvements in the College’s operations.

“Since 2016, the College has tightened its budget, along with receiving larger than expected reimbursements from the State of Michigan for tax revenue losses due to certain tax reforms,” O’Connell said. “These positive influences on our operations will allow us to continue to pass on savings to our students and make critical improvements to our facilities.”

“The costs of higher education are a barrier to many students, so any time we can help, even if it’s to avoid adding to the barrier, is a win for our students and a win for the communities we serve,” O’Connell said.

In a related action Wednesday, the Board of Trustees also eliminated the College’s tuition rate categories for Indiana and international residents. The Indiana rate, which had been $1 more than the non-resident rate, was used infrequently. The international rate had been the same as the out-of-state rate.

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