KCC Journalism Camp: Study the human body in BIOL 201: Human Anatomy at KCC this fall

An illustration of a science professor drawn on a whiteboard.

Editor’s note: The following class preview was written by 15-year-old Calhoun Christian School student Taylor Groth as part of Kellogg Community College’s Journalism and News Writing Camp, which ran July 23 through 26 on the College’s North Avenue campus in Battle Creek. Groth also shot the above photo during the camp.

By Taylor Groth

Students interested in human anatomy will have the opportunity to study all human body systems in a class at Kellogg Community College this fall.

There are 14 different sections of KCC’s BIOL 201: Human Anatomy class offered at various dates and times. The class is offered in multiple locations, including online, and there are multiple instructors to choose from.

The first class sections begin Aug. 30 and run through Dec. 13. For information about all the sections, search for the class in KCC’s Self-Service System at https://kcclivemvc2.kellogg.edu/Student/Courses/Search.

For more information about youth summer camps at KCC, visit www.kellogg.edu/youth. For more information about signing up for Fall 2018 classes, visit www.kellogg.edu/registration.