Statement from KCC Board of Trustees

An exterior view of the entrance to KCC's North Avenue campus looking over the reflecting pools.

In recent days, Kellogg Community College representatives have received expressions of concern and support regarding a KCC employee’s display of personal expression during and after a recent political rally in Battle Creek. We have appreciated the dialogue and the opportunity to participate in mutually constructive reflection with people who have called and written to us. The KCC employee in question was expressing his personal opinion on his own time, and not acting on behalf of the College.

KCC is a politically neutral, tax-funded institution of higher learning, and does not side with any political party or campaign message.

However, this matter is a teachable moment and healthy reminder for all KCC employees that our actions as individuals can have an impact on the institution. Whether that impact affects an individual’s employment status at KCC, positively or negatively, is a determination made via KCC’s ongoing performance management process, which is appropriately confidential and involves an employee and others empowered by the institution to manage performance.

At KCC, our mission is to provide accessible, high-quality education to enrich our community and the lives of individual learners. As a marketplace of ideas, we remain committed to freedom of speech and freedom of expression as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. We also remain committed to creating an inclusive environment where we celebrate commonalities and foster respect for others and our differences.