KCC students discuss their thoughts about coronavirus

KCC's Student Center

Last week we asked a handful of Kellogg Community College students about their concerns related to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation developing in Michigan and beyond.

Students were asked:

  • What is your opinion about the coronavirus?
  • Do you plan on changing your everyday routine/behavior?
  • What will you do/are you doing to alleviate the situation?

Taylor Bradford, a 26-year-old Dental Hygiene student, said her main concern is the health of her 5-year-old daughter. She said she heard young children can be more immune to the virus, but plans to sanitize more often to help prevent spread of the virus in her family. Her everyday lifestyle will stay the same, she said.

Another major concern Bradford has is with her schooling. Will she be able to graduate? Bradford said as a Dental Hygienist student she has to have patient contact hours in order to graduate. With the possibility of campus closing she said she’s not sure how she’ll be able to make up those hours. She said she can do online for parts of her classes but relies on a face-to-face portion for graduation.

Nick DweHein, a 19-year-old Finance student, said it’s a scary situation for small businesses, stock markets and the general public. DweHein said he plans to sanitize more often and, if the situation gets any worse, plans to start wearing a medical face mask.

Ashley Potter, a 23-year-old Dental Hygiene student, said she thinks the situation is being made much bigger than it actually is, and she feels more likely to become ill from the flu than the coronavirus. Her everyday routine will not change besides sanitizing more regularly.

Ryan Vought, a 19-year-old Accounting student, said he feels the same.

“The media has blown up,” Vought said. “The public should become more aware of cleanliness and wash/sanitize their hands more often.”

Vought, a KCC baseball player, said some of the team’s games have already been canceled and his major concern is how the coronavirus may affect the rest of the season.

KCC has been releasing regular updates about the coronavirus and potential campus impacts. The College has canceled all face-to-face instruction next week and all campus events through March 31.

More information and regular coronavirus updates from KCC are available on the KCC Coronavirus Updates page at www.kellogg.edu/coronavirus.