Application deadline for KCC’s nationally accredited Paramedic Program is Aug. 3

EMS students push a simulated patient on a gurney in the College's EMS sim lab.

The application deadline for students interesting in joining Kellogg Community College’s nationally accredited Paramedic Certificate Program is Monday, Aug. 3.

KCC’s Paramedic Program is a certificate program with the option to further pursue an Associate of Applied Science degree in Emergency Medical Services. The program requires 44 credit hours of coursework (four semesters) and builds on the EMS professional’s Basic Emergency Medical Technician license to substantially advance the level of care graduates can provide.

Qualified program applicants must:

  • Have a Basic EMT license by January 2021
  • Be currently certified in Basic Life Support CPR
  • Have completed either one full year of high school biology with a C or higher or KCC’s BIOL 99 with a C or higher or KCC’s EMT 120 with a C or higher

Upon successfully completing the required coursework, students will be certified as paramedics, completing the first step toward Michigan licensure and/or national certification.

KCC’s Paramedic Program provides in-depth education in cardiology, pharmacology, pediatrics, obstetrics, advanced practice, leadership and more. Skills mastered by Paramedic Program graduates include advanced assessment, defibrillation, pacing, starting IVs, medication administration, chest decompression, emergency cricoidthyrotomy, intubation, EKG interpretation (including 12+ leads) and more.

Paramedic Program applicants must complete the following steps to apply:

  1. Apply to KCC. Applications can be completed free online at
  2. Apply to KCC’s Paramedic Program. Applications can be completed free online via the application link at
  3. Complete placement testing. Minimum proficiency scores of 250 in writing, 244 in reading and 250 in quantitative reasoning are required. Placement testing can be scheduled online via the link at
  4. Meet with the EMS Program Coordinator or a designee. Meetings can be scheduled by contacting EMS Program Coordinator Clark Imus at

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