International Education Week Food Friday recipe: How to make katogo

Katoga in a screenshot from the video embedded in this post.

Today is day five of International Education Week, a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education held Nov. 16 through 20 “to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.”

KCC is celebrating International Education Week all week long, with a different focus each day. Today’s theme is Food Friday, when we’ll be posting favorite international recipes from the KCC community.

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Next up is a recipe for katogo, recommended by student worker Hope Nancy, of Uganda. Katogo is a traditional breakfast food in Uganda, but Nancy loves it so much she makes it any time of day!

How to Make Katogo

The katogo recipe is demonstrated in the YouTube video embedded below from YouTuber Eating The African Way.

From Nancy:

Katogo is a traditional popular breakfast in Uganda and it’s one of my favorite dishes. I will eat it any time, any day because it is just so good and easy to make compared to other meals.

In the video they use offal (I am sure that’s strange/weird) but it can be substituted with red beans or beef (cut into small pieces). Cook your red beans or if you buy them already cooked, use them instead of offal (I prefer beans).

The ingredients can be found at Meijer. One of the ingredients is called Royco; as the video doesn’t specify how much is needed, you can use any amount you would like your food to be flavored (whatever amount you choose; for example, one tablespoon, you can either mix it with water first and pour it in your other ingredients that are cooking, as indicated in the video).

The bananas used have to be green and not close to being ripe. The video shows how we prepare our food traditionally but you can prepare it on the stove (that’s quicker).

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The image above is a screenshot of the final product of the katogo recipe featured in the video embedded in this post.