Students: Nominate a faculty member for a Faculty Excellence Award by March 31

Graduates raise their hands in celebration following commencement.


You are invited to submit nominations for the Faculty Excellence Award (Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Counselor, Librarian) for active faculty who have taught you in the past or are teaching you right now!

Click here to submit a Faculty Excellence Award nomination.

The primary mission of KCC is to provide high-quality educational opportunities responsive to the needs of the students and of the community it serves. The continuing success of the College’s graduates establishes that the College is accomplishing its mission.

The quality of educational opportunities and experiences at KCC reflects the quality and commitment of the College’s human resources. It is appropriate that public recognition of outstanding faculty performance, so vital to the excellence of the College, occurs on a formal and regular basis.

Please click on the link above and submit. You may submit multiple nominations as desired, and nominations will close March 31.

Thank you for considering nominee(s) in recognition of great things happening at KCC.

Paul.Dr. Paul R. Watson II
Kellogg Community College
Vice President for Instruction