KCC invites students with overdue balances to re-enroll

A female student featured on a text graphic that reads "Hey, Bruin! Now you can re-enroll even if you owe."

Kellogg Community College is inviting current and former students who have overdue balances at the College to sign up for classes and finish their degrees.

Last month, the KCC Board of Trustees suspended for one year a longstanding KCC policy that prohibited students who owed money to the College from re-enrolling. This policy exists in order to encourage fiscal responsibility among students and maintain revenue at the College, a tax-funded institution which also relies on tuition revenue to maintain services and programs.

“As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are removing barriers for students to enroll at KCC and complete their courses and degrees,” said Chief Financial Officer Rick Scott. “We also know that thousands of KCC students are benefiting from federal stimulus funds and we hope students who owe tuition, fees or library fines at the College will use their stimulus money to pay their debts and get their college careers back on track.”

Students who would like to automatically apply their upcoming federal stimulus grants to pay toward owed balances at KCC for the summer semester can opt in by completing a short consent form by June 18. An option to apply any fall semester stimulus funds will be made available at a later date. The “HEERF Consent Authorization” form is accessible online through the Bruin Portal, a website for current and former students with an active K-ID.

Registration for Kellogg Community College classes offered during the upcoming Fall 2021 semester is currently available on the KCC website or in person at any of the College’s five campuses in Barry, Branch and Calhoun counties.

Student registration information, including links to registration instructions, policies, tuition and fees and other information, is available at www.kellogg.edu/registration.

Specific courses offered at KCC during the fall semester can be viewed by visiting www.kellogg.edu, clicking on “Class Schedules” at the top of the page and filtering results by semester.

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