Here’s a list of Human Services classes offered at KCC this winter and spring

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Interested in human services? Maybe a career in social work? Here’s a list of 10 Human Services (HUSE) classes offered at Kellogg Community College during the Spring 2022 semester. All of the classes listed below are three credits. Visit and click on “Class Schedules” in the top menu to search for more sections.

HUSE 101: Introduction to Human Services

This course introduces the student to the basic conceptual knowledge of social organizations and the role of the human service worker. Included are the beginning skills for the social service practice and discussion of the ethical commitments and legal considerations underlying professional helping careers.

HUSE 183: Practicum in Human Services

Supervised practicum with the adolescent and adult populations. This course is designed to provide experience in the integration and application of the knowledge and skills of the human service worker. The student will be supervised in a reality-based work environment. Students must also be able to meet site requirements which may include additional criminal background checks, a health physical and a TB check.

HUSE 185: Human Service Internship

A course designed to give on-the-job field experiences commensurate with the student’s career objectives. Required are 175 hours of on-the-job experience plus attendance at a two-hour scheduled seminar every other week. Students must be able to meet site requirements which may include criminal background checks, a health physical and a TB check.

HUSE 204: An Introduction to Report Writing Techniques for the Human Service Worker

This course provides an opportunity for students to learn record-keeping and report-writing techniques needed by human service workers. Because report writing requires critical professional judgment at all levels, emphasis will be placed on expanding the students’ general information in the human service field.

HUSE 220: Communication Skills in Helping Relationships

This course teaches the psychology of interviewing, as well as the skills for conducting effective interviews. This involves the techniques for establishing rapport, developing counseling responses, identifying behavioral goals and implementing strategies to bring about change or crisis intervention.

HUSE 225: Culturally-Sensitive Practice

This course will provide the student with the knowledge and strategies to work with the various lifestyles, needs and problems of different racial and cultural groups. The content of the course incorporates important concepts and empirical findings that pertain to ethnic-sensitive practice.

HUSE 240: Basic Concepts in Social Work

This course introduces the student to the social work profession, its value base and code of ethics. There is an emphasis on methods and skills with an overview of social issues and client needs relative to social work practice.

HUSE 260: Family Dynamics

This course examines the family system as a basic social institution. Emphasis is placed on issues that are important to the individual and the family. The student will also be introduced to theoretical viewpoints and conceptual frameworks that have been proven useful in intervention of marriage and family issues.

HUSE 272: Substance Abuse, Co-Dependency, and the Family

This course provides students an opportunity to understand the relationship between substance abuse, co-dependency and the family. The focus is on the unique problems facing the families of substance abusers and how they attempt to cope.

HUSE 280: Death and Dying

This is a psychosocial examination of death and dying in contemporary American society, although other societies at other time periods are considered. Medical, ethical, legal and religious issues will be discussed. Instruction includes lectures, films, tapes and a student position paper.

The first Spring 2022 classes start Jan. 18, and the semester ends May 9. For information about signing up for winter/spring classes, visit more information about studying Human Services at KCC, visit