Scholarship recipient Q&A: Electricity/Electronics student Zaire Gilbert

Zaire Gilbert

Kellogg Community College Foundation Board of Trustees Scholarship recipient Zaire Gilbert graduated from Lakeview High School in 2020 and is studying Industrial Electricity/Electronics with the goal of becoming an electrician after graduating.

Below, Gilbert answers some questions about her experiences as a student at KCC and specifically as a Board of Trustees Scholarship recipient.

What does being a Board of Trustees Scholar mean to you?

Being a Board of Trustees Scholar means a lot to me! It has helped me with my tuition which has been the biggest blessing ever. I’ve been connected with amazing people in the community and at KCC.

What is your favorite thing about the Board of Trustees Scholarship program?

My favorite thing about the Board of Trustees Scholarship is that it keeps me motivated to do my best in college. 

What is something you learned from your scholarship program leadership, enrichment or service activities?

From the leadership course that I took my freshman semester, I learned that a good leader can be anyone that’s willing and dedicated to help. Also, the enrichment activities that I did took me out of my comfort zone. 

What is one thing you learned about yourself through your development activities as a Board of Trustees Scholar?

Through my scholarship I have had the chance to meet new people, and some of people have become my friends. I joined the Education Club, which I enjoy because I get to hear others’ opinions on education and come up with ways to give back to our local schools in the community.

What is a special memory or experience you’ve had that wouldn’t have happened if not for the Board of Trustees Scholarship program?

Recently, I went to (KCC Foundation Executive Director) Teresa Durham and told her I was switching my program to Industrial Electricity and Electronics. She reached out to John Banks, who owns Motor Shop Electrical in Battle Creek, and asked him if he could talk to me about electricity career. I was able to meet Mr. Banks, which was a wonderful experience because I got to ask him many questions and see the electrical shop. This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the Board of Trustees Scholarship program. I appreciate every person that has come into my life because of this scholarship! 

What do you ultimately want to do for a career, and why did you choose that profession?

I want to become an electrician. I currently just finished my last semester in the Elementary Education program. So next semester I’m looking forward to learning and getting hands-on experience in the Industrial Electricity and Electronics Program. I choose this as a profession because I want to be financially secured and there isn’t a lot of women in the field. 

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The photo of Gilbert above is courtesy of Jasmine McMaster.