Student Q&A: Radiography student Brianna Chaffin talks about the KCC Radiography Program

Radiography student Brianna Chaffin.

Harper Creek High School graduate Brianna Chaffin, 26, of Battle Creek, is a Radiography student at KCC with plans to become an X-Ray Tech at a local hospital after graduation. Below, Chaffin answers some questions about her studies in the Radiography Program at KCC. 

Why did you decide to study radiography at KCC? 

I started looking into multiple schools across the state. KCC overall was more appealing due to the fact that they were way more organized and could tell me a lot more about how the program was laid out and the flow of the classes. They also did not have a lot of filler classes that are not relevant to your program. It saved time and money, which was a huge bonus in making a decision. 

What’s your favorite part about KCC’s Radiography Program?  

My favorite part of the program is definitely the professors and other students. I am an introverted person until I get to know you well. The teachers make it easy and clear that they are open to any questions even after class or emailing on weekends. They make communicating with them less intimidating, which helps to be more open and, in the long run, more successful. 

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned in your studies at KCC? 

So far the most interesting thing that I have learned is the inside of the tube and how the images are actually produced and created. There is just something about it that is satisfying to understand all the little unseen parts workings together to make one image. 

What is your goal for after you graduate from KCC? What do you hope to do for a career? 

I hope to end up an X-Ray Tech at one of the local hospitals. I like the pace and being able to interact with patients in the form that they do. I like being able to walk around and not being stuck in a chair all day. I like the day to day is never the same and can sometimes be a brain teaser but it’s not something that can’t be handled. My goal after I graduate is work for a few years and then maybe go back to specialize in a certain area. 

Editor’s notes: Radiographers (also called radiologic technologists) are professionals specially trained to administer X-rays, making digital images of internal bones, organs and tissues that can help in the diagnosis of various health-related issues. Graduates of KCC’s Radiography Program over the past five years surveyed by the College had a 94.9% average job placement rate. 

The deadline to apply to KCC’s Radiography Program cohort starting next fall is May 20! See details at

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