Donate blood at KCC blood drive April 27 in Battle Creek

Kellogg Community College invites students and the general public alike to donate blood at a College blood drive hosted with Versiti Blood Center of Michigan this month on campus in Battle Creek.

The blood drive will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, April 27, in the Student Center on campus at 450 North Ave. Members of the community who wish to visit campus and donate blood are encouraged to join the event and help model to students the importance of taking time to care for each other. All who attempt to donate will be given a $10 gift card.

Donor appointments are preferred and can be set up online at

The event is part of Stress Busters Week at KCC, a biannual initiative running this year from April 25-29 with several on-campus events and activities designed to help students de-stress and get a break from studying as final exams approach.

“It’s not uncommon for students to get stuck on this idea that if they put in x-amount of time, unbroken, staring at their notes that they’ll be able to pass their final exams,” KCC Student Life Director Kristin McDermott said. “But the reality is that if you don’t stop to breathe, blink and just recharge now and again, you’ll burn yourself out before you can sit down for the big test.”

The spring semester’s Stress Busters lineup includes opportunities for students to take breaks through caring for themselves, caring for the environment and caring for their community. The April 27 blood drive is part of the latter, McDermott said.

Before donating blood, it is recommended that donors make sure they’re well-rested, hydrated and have eaten a good meal. For more information, visit Versiti’s FAQ page at

Versiti Blood Center of Michigan is a nonprofit organization specializing in blood products and services and providing expert medical and technical support. Founded in 1955, it is the primary provider of blood products and services throughout Michigan and is an established leader in quality and service. For more information, visit

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