Bruin Bookstore collects shoes for donation, recycling

Piles of donated shoes

KCC’s Bruin Bookstore collected 118 pairs of shoes for donation or recycling via its annual Sneaker Collection campaign in April.

Of the total, 44 pairs were donated to the Charitable Union in Battle Creek to be reused, while 74 pairs were delivered to Playmakers in Okemos to be recycled. This is the eighth year the bookstore has held the Sneaker Collection event, and the store has collected more than 900 pairs of gently worn shoes for donation or recycling since the initiative started.

The Sneaker Collection is one of many community collections undertaken at the Bruin Bookstore each year, which include an annual Hoodies for the Homeless shirts and coats collection each fall semester and an eyeglasses collection held each March. The bookstore’s eyeglasses collection this year brought in 47 pairs of eyeglasses for donation or recycling through the Lions Club Recycle for Sight program.

This article first appeared in the June 2022 edition of BruIN magazine. For more information visit