What sets KCC’s Photography and Multimedia Program apart from other programs?

A female student uses a camera on a tripod.

World Photography Week kicks off Aug. 19 with World Photography Day, an international celebration of the art and practice of photography. Below, Kellogg Community College Photography and Multimedia Program professor Ryan Flathau answers some questions about what sets KCC’s program apart.

KCC offers an Associate in Applied Science degree in Photography and Multimedia and a Photography and Multimedia Certificate. For more information about KCC’s Photography and Multimedia Program, visit kellogg.edu/photography or email Flathau at flathaur@kellogg.edu.

What makes KCC’s Photography and Multimedia Program unique? What sets it apart from other programs?

We have a strong community of photo students that form close bonds and work together throughout their time at KCC. Many of these bonds made while at school last a lifetime. While many institutions only emphasize digital photography technical skills, we help foster artistic creativity, technical know-how and professional practices that help students to develop a unique creative vision that will set them apart from others.

Why should someone choose KCC’s Photography and Multimedia Program over other options?

Our program is an affordable option that offers a well-rounded education in photography and multimedia. We offer state-of-the-art facilities, which include Apple Macintosh computer labs providing Adobe software for digital photography, animation, graphic design, web design and videography, as well as professional lighting studios, Epson wide-format digital printers and traditional film photography and darkrooms. We even provide students with professional camera equipment to use for coursework free of charge.

Who should pursue a Photography and Multimedia Program degree at KCC? What do graduates generally do with the degree?

Students with artistic ability, technical skills or even an interest in being self-employed can thrive in the field. After receiving their Associate of Applied Science in Photography and Multimedia, students will have the knowledge in business, marketing, communication, interpersonal and computer skills to photograph professionally, build websites, shoot videography and do graphic design and animation.

A large portion of our students start their own photography business, offering services such as portraiture, fine art, fashion, wedding, commercial/industrial, videography, drone photography, photo retouching and photojournalism. We’ve even had a student specialize in canine photography! Many other students have gone on to work as photographers, videographers, production/studio assistants or stylists for professional commercial photography studios in the region or nationally.

What does KCC’s Photography and Multimedia Program do best? What’s your favorite aspect of the program?

We foster creativity. While our program is occupationally focused, our classes are taught in the art department with an emphasis on artistic expression and creative thinking. It is this, along with technical know-how and professionalism instilled in our students, that prepares them to find success in the numerous photography and multimedia related fields.

As program coordinator and professor my favorite aspect is the small class sizes, full of diverse students from all walks of life, that allow me to mentor students, give greater individualized feedback and form lasting bonds.

How to Register for Fall Classes

Click here to view our Course Catalog and filter by “Fall 2022” to see a list of KCC courses offered during the fall semester. Photography and Multimedia classes are listed under “Art.”

The first Fall 2022 classes start in Aug. 29, and the semester ends Dec. 16. For information about signing up for fall classes, visit kellogg.edu/registrationThe first step is to apply to KCC; to apply online for free, visit kellogg.edu/apply.

Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for classes. Schedule an appointment by emailing advising@kellogg.edu.