Three reasons to take MATH 142: Calculus 2 at KCC this winter and spring

Math students write on a whiteboard.

Interested in taking Calculus 2 this winter and spring?

Kellogg Community College’s five-credit MATH 142: Calculus 2 course will run in person from Jan. 17 through May 8.

According to the official class description for the course, MATH 142: Calculus 2 is “A study of the techniques of integration, limits, series, and applications.”

Math faculty Dr. David Tannor, who’s teaching the class this winter and spring, said among the many interesting things students will explore are “clever ways to approximate functions using the concept of series and exciting applications, such as modeling population growth with some calculus techniques.”

Tannor said the class is for students majoring in math, science, engineering or “anyone who’d like to learn more about calculus,” and it will help students meet major requirements, gain a solid understanding of how to model changing phenomena, and develop both higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills.

Here are three additional reasons to take MATH 142: Calculus 2 at KCC this winter and spring:

  1. MATH 142 fulfills one of the two class requirements from the Critical Thinking category of General Education Applied Core classes required to earn an associate degree at KCC.
  2. MATH 142 is among the classes that can be used to fulfill requirements in the Mathematics category of the Michigan Transfer Agreement.
  3. MATH 142 transfers to 40 colleges and universities in Michigan, including Grand Valley State University, Michigan State University and Western Michigan University, the top transfer destinations for KCC students. Click here for a list of colleges and universities in Michigan MATH 142 will transfer to. 

MATH 142 at KCC is a “quality and rigorous course at an affordable rate that rivals the likes of big-name universities and colleges,” Tannor said.

For more information about taking MATH 142 this winter and spring, contact Professor Tannor at

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