Ceramics, drawing, photography and more: Here’s a list of art classes offered at KCC this fall

A student draws a plant during an art class.

Ceramics, drawing, photography and more: Whatever your artistic interest, Kellogg Community College has an art class for you. KCC art classes offered this fall are listed below, along with the relevant course descriptions.

The first Fall 2023 classes at Kellogg Community College start Aug. 28, and the semester ends Dec. 15. If you’re not a student yet but would like to sign up for fall classes, you can apply now for free online at kellogg.edu/applyCurrent students can register for classes any time online via the Bruin Portal.

For help signing up, contact the KCC Admissions Office at 269-965-4153 or adm@kellogg.edu. For more details about the courses listed below, click here to view our Course Catalog, filter by “Fall Semester 2023” in the “Term” section under “Advanced Search,” then filter by subject.

ART 103: Two-Dimension Design (3 credits)

Two-dimensional composition explored through hands-on projects using a variety of media. Assignments stress problem solving using art elements and principles. Course includes an introduction to color theory. Some prior art experience recommended.

ART 110: Drawing 1 (3 credits)

Introduction to basic drawing techniques. Assignments cover line and form concepts including contour, perspective, defining and organizing shape and value patterns.

ART 209: Introduction to Studio Art (3 credits)

A studio course designed as an introduction to the art making experience in creation of a variety of 2D and 3D projects. Drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed-media fundamentals are explored.

ART 210: History of Photography and Film (3 credits)

This course will explore photography and film from its early years to its present with emphasis on its esthetic, historical, technical and social contexts.

ART 211: Art Appreciation (3 credits)

A survey of contemporary and traditional visual art themes. Emphasis is on current problems in communication through painting, sculpture, photography, film and architecture. Recommended for art majors prior to enrollment in ART 212 or 213. Humanities credit.

ART 212: Art History (3 credits)

Historical survey of art from prehistoric ages to the Renaissance. Humanities credit.

ART 213: Art History (3 credits)

Historical survey of art from the Renaissance to the present day. Humanities credit.

ART 214: Photography Appreciation (3 credits)

Non-studio art course designed to explore foundations in photography. Topics include history, genres, visual communication, camera operations, image-making exercises and critique sessions. Camera controls, traditional darkroom, studio lighting, digital workflow and printing will be demonstrated.

ART 222: Introduction to Photography (3 credits)

This course will instruct the student in fundamental concepts and techniques of photography including aesthetics and technical aspects as a basis for creating a photographic image. The student will learn to use the 35mm camera, process film, composition, print finishing and basic printing. Instruction on traditional printing practice and digital technologies will be included. The student will be challenged to investigate photographic medium and consider its application to the making of art.

ART 223: Intermediate Photography (3 credits)

This course will refine techniques, analysis and production of photographs using both traditional darkroom and digital technology. The student will be challenged to investigate and explore his or her own creative direction using small- and medium-format film cameras. Students are expected to complete this course with technical proficiency and to have a fuller understanding of photography’s critical context in contemporary art.

ART 224: Advanced Photography (3 credits)

This advanced photography course is for students who want to fine-tune their traditional and digital photography skills. Emphasis will be on furthering explorations in the study of personal expression and development of creative style. Large-format film camera will be introduced. Lectures on the history of photography and zone system will be essential to student development.

ART 227: Digital Color Photography (3 credits)

This course is intended to develop an understanding of technical and aesthetic foundations in color photography through the latest digital technology. Students will explore basic color photography with the use of film and digital photographic equipment: image scanning, color digital printing, digital cameras and Adobe Photoshop.

ART 250: Drawing Methods and Concepts (3 credits)

In this course, inventive and contemporary approaches to drawing are emphasized. During the course sequence, students will create from both imagination and observation and resulting projects will apply a range of representational, abstract and non-objective strategies.

ART 252: Introduction to Ceramics (3 credits)

An introduction to the materials, construction, design processes, glazing and firing of ceramics. Emphasis is on clay sculpture projects and hand-built pottery with a brief introduction to the potter’s wheel.

ART 253: Intermediate Ceramics (3 credits)

A course for those who wish to concentrate mainly on throwing techniques in the development of functional and creative problems. Experimental problems in glazing and clay decoration are developed.

Continuing Education Classes for CEUs

In addition to for-credit art classes, KCC also offers community-focused non-credit enrollment options for individuals looking to earn continuing education units. The follow art classes are offered at KCC for CEUs this fall:

  • ART C103: Two Dimension Design (9.6 CEUs)
  • ART C110: Drawing 1 (9.6 CEUs)
  • ART C222: Introduction to Photography (9.6 CEUs)
  • ART C227: Digital Color Photography (9.6 CEUs)
  • ART C250: Drawing Methods and Concepts (9.6 CEUs)
  • ART C252: Introduction to Ceramics (9.6 CEUs)
  • ART C253: Intermediate Ceramics (9.6 CEUs)

Art classes are integral for students seeking one of KCC’s various arts-related degrees or certificates, as well as for students looking to transfer via KCC’s Associate in Arts transfer degree for non-STEM majors. For more information, visit kellogg.edu/experience. For more details about signing up for classes at KCC, visit kellogg.edu/registration.