KCC enrollment is up more than 12% for the Fall 2023 semester

An exterior view of the entrance to KCC's North Avenue campus looking over the reflecting pools.

When students return to campus for the start of the first fall-semester classes at Kellogg Community College Monday, they’ll be part of a student body that’s more than 12% larger than the one starting classes last fall.

Early data shows KCC’s enrolled 3,281 students for the fall semester so far, which is a 12.56% increase over the same timeframe last year. Credit hours signed up for by these students are up even higher, with a 13.69% increase for the semester.

It’s the fourth consecutive semester of enrollment growth at the College after a summer headcount a full 16% higher than that of Summer 2022.

KCC officials attribute the increase to a number of factors, including various process improvements related to the development of a new strategic enrollment plan during the 2022-23 academic year; an earlier registration date for fall-semester classes, which moved the opening of fall registration from June to April; and a general continuation of a return to normalcy following the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

“COVID really supported the notion that students want options,” KCC Registrar Colleen Wright said. “Giving the opportunity to register prior to leaving the spring semester affords students the luxury of getting the class schedule along with the type of modality that they want.

“Students have commented that it’s nice to have their schedule set prior to leaving for their summer break, and high school counselors and students can plan their academic careers knowing what their schedules will look like when they return in the fall. It’s a win-win for all.”

While the first fall-semester classes begin Aug. 28, many classes don’t start until later in the semester, and students can still sign up for classes several days to weeks after the semester start date, depending on the class. And KCC’s Industrial Trades programs offer an open-entry enrollment process that allows students to sign up for most training modules at any time during the semester, meaning enrollment numbers will only go up from here.

Student registration information, including links to registration instructions, policies, tuition and fees and other information, is available at kellogg.edu/registration.

Specific courses offered at KCC during the fall semester can be viewed by visiting kellogg.edu, clicking on “Class Schedules” at the top of the page and filtering results by semester.

All students new to KCC must fill out an application and verify their address before signing up for classes. Admissions applications can be completed online at kellogg.edu/apply.

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