Q&A with KCC PTA student Regan Miner

PTA student Regan Miner.

The deadline to apply for KCC’s Physical Therapist Assistant Program is Friday, April 5! See details, application materials and more at kellogg.edu/pta-admissions.

Kellogg Community College Physical Therapist Assistant student Regan Miner, 27, graduated from Harper Creek High School in 2014. The mother of two is attending KCC thanks to the Futures for Frontliners program and plans to graduate from the PTA Program this spring.

Why did you choose to study PTA?

I was happy that there was a well-acclaimed college in my hometown, and after I received the Futures for Frontliners scholarship, I had to go to the school in my district to use the scholarship.

Why did you choose to study PTA specifically at KCC?

After seeing a group of amazing therapists help a family member who suffered from an accident, as well as helping my mom go to physical therapy sessions and seeing what they did every day, I always had an interest in physical therapy. When I was figuring out what I wanted to go to school for, the idea of getting a PTA degree seemed like it would be a good fit. I never wanted to work in the medical field, but this journey has proved to me that I made a great decision to study PTA at KCC.

What’s been your favorite part of your time at KCC, and why?

My favorite part of my time at KCC would be the family we’ve created as a class that has spent almost two years together. When we started the program, we were all told that by the end we would feel like a family. And that has rung true. Doing things like going out to dinners together, going to the movies and hanging out over breaks, as well as helping each other with classwork and hard times has been one of the benefits of this program I didn’t know I would ever have.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned at KCC?

Throughout my classes I’ve learned a lot. The most interesting things I’ve learned would have to be what I’ve learned in the PTA Program. Learning about the muscles of the body, how we develop and how we operate every day on a cellular level. Things I never thought about before the program are now fascinating topics.

What is your goal for after you graduate from KCC? What do you hope to do for a career?

My goal after graduating from KCC is to pass the NPTE, which is a national board exam required to practice as a PTA. I would love to work with children but hope to find a job that fits me regardless. I have also considered going to St. Catherine University in Minnesota to get my bachelor’s in PTA online.

What advice do you have for current or future KCC students?

My advice is to stay focused and remember your end goal. Some classes, some days, some semesters are harder than others. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and if you stay determined and work hard, it will pay off.  

Anything else you’d like to say?

The PTA Program has been a challenging and rewarding program to get into. If you love working with people, are not afraid to be hands-on and want to help make a change, then this is a great career for you. You must be determined and work hard, but the payoff is worth it.  

Learn more about KCC’s Physical Therapist Assistant Program at kellogg.edu/pta.