KCC celebrates Pride Month with info posters, giveaways

June is Pride Month, the most colorful month of the year!

Here’s some info about how Kellogg Community College is observing Pride Month this year, from KCC Student Life Director Kristin McDermott:

KCC has been exploring ways to celebrate and recognize more and more pockets of our community, and this year, along with observances like Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month, we are expanding to celebrate June as Pride month in recognition and support for LGBTQIA+ Bruins/community members.

As this is our first year celebrating Pride, we’re starting slow. All KCC campuses will have poster series detailing the meaning behind several common LGBTQIA+ flags, as well as definitions of common terms within the LGBTQIA+ community in common spaces, along with pronoun pins, Pride flags and stickers to allow people to engage/ select from these items at their own pace/will.

For more information, contact the Student Life Office at 269-565-2634 or studentlife@kellogg.edu.