Call for artists: Kellogg Community College seeking bear sculpture to display on campus in Battle Creek, Michigan

An empty sculpture pad outside the Miller Building.

Kellogg Community College is seeking a sculpture of a grizzly bear to install and display on the College’s North Avenue campus in Battle Creek, Michigan.

The bear is a reference to the College’s Bruin mascot, and its sculptural representation will be installed on a six- by six-foot round pad located near the entrance to the Miller Physical Education Building on campus (pictured).

The selected artist or team of artists will be awarded a $1,000 stipend for general project expenses. The sculpture will be on display for public viewing on campus for approximately 24 months, with the possibility for extended display or purchase by the College.

Submission guidelines follow. Artists or groups of artists interested in submitting materials for consideration must email supporting materials by the July 22 application deadline to:

Eric Greene
Vice President for Communications and Advancement
Kellogg Community College

Selected sculptors will be notified by mid-August, and installation of the selected sculpture will take place between September and October 2024. Art will be displayed on campus until removal between September and October 2026.

Submission Requirements and Selection Process

  • Each artist may submit up to five sculpture entries via digital photographs or detailed concept sketches. Each sculpture should be represented by at least two different angle or perspective images.
  • Each entry must depict a lifelike grizzly bear in a pose appropriate for an actual bear. Artwork can be made of bronze, fiberglass or similar media. Note: While KCC’s official mascot is the Bruin, we are not seeking a depiction of the current version of the mascot known as “Blaze.”
  • Each submission should include artist’s name, contact information, sculpture title, dimensions, media and sale price.
  • Sculptures must be weatherproof and designed to withstand outdoor environmental conditions for at least two years, including being subject to the College’s irrigation system. Care and maintenance of exhibited work is the responsibility of the artist.
  • The artists are responsible for the transportation and installation of selected sculptures. Staff from KCC’s Institutional Facilities Department will work with the artist on installation.
  • If applicable, sculpture entries must describe in detail any special installation requirements.
  • Sculptures may be offered for sale during exhibition but must be exhibited at KCC for the full 24 months, and KCC maintains right of first refusal if the sculpture is offered for sale. Artists are responsible for the handling of sales, and no commission will be charged.
  • Artists are responsible for the removal of all unsold artworks by a prearranged date following exhibition. Art not removed in a timely fashion will be subject to storage or disposal fees.
  • KCC will assume responsibility for direct physical loss while in the College’s care, custody and control, except for normal wear and tear for a sculpture located in an outdoor setting, including being subject to the elements and the College’s irrigation system.
  • The KCC executive leadership team, consisting of the president and vice presidents, will review and select entries with advisement from the College’s Marketing and Communications Department. All work must have strong visual appeal and complement or highlight the location to be installed.
  • KCC reserves the right to decline to install the finished sculpture for any reason and to remove the sculpture at any time.
  • KCC will provide publicity for each installed work of art; with entry into this exhibition it shall be understood to indicate an agreement on the part of the entrant, with all conditions set forth in this prospectus. This includes permission for KCC to photographically reproduce the installed sculpture for publicity and educational purposes and to publish images/video of the sculpture without review of the artist.

Equity Statement

At KCC, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment where we foster respect for others and our differences, support cultural understanding, demonstrate ethical behavior and champion social justice. We will accomplish this by:

  • Deepening our understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion through learning, engagement with others and personal reflection;
  • Valuing the lived experiences and perspectives of others while nurturing and understanding the differences between us;
  • Rejecting all forms of prejudice, discrimination and racism; and
  • Advancing integrity, justice and civility among and between us.

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