How will you define yourself at Kellogg Community College?

If you’ve spent some time at Kellogg Community College this semester, you’ve probably noticed the above Define Yourself logo around campus. It’s on T-shirts, posters, slides on the campus television monitors, and it even graces temporary tattoos and collapsible water bottles.
But what is it for?
The logo is the mark of KCC’s new Define Yourself campaign, which has been launched to highlight KCC’s updated Student Code of Conduct. The code outlines campus regulations adopted to support a positive environment conducive to learning for the benefit of all students. Click here to read it as a PDF.
Central to the college’s Student Code of Conduct and to the message of the Define Yourself campaign is you, the student. We at the college want you to be aware of your rights and the opportunities available to you during your time here, and we want you to take an active, conscious and intentional role in creating your own future.
That’s where the tagline of the campaign comes in: Rights. Respect. Responsibility.
We want you as a student and as a member of the greater community to know that you have the right to explore, learn and succeed; to accept your responsibilities to be active, engaged and prepared; and to respect yourself, others and the college environment as a whole.
These elements are central to the behaviors that dictate how your day to day life goes both on campus and off; how you conduct yourself as a student in class and as an individual outside the walls of KCC is how you will define yourself while a student at KCC.
That’s what the Student Code of Conduct is all about, and that’s what the Define Yourself campaign has been launched to highlight.
The campaign kicked off late this summer during the college’s annual General Session meeting for employees, which saw the premiere of Kinetic Affect’s “Define Yourself,” a poem commissioned by the college specifically for the Define Yourself campaign. Click here view video of the premiere and the text of the poem in a post on this blog.
Chances are you picked up a free Define Yourself T-shirt or water bottle at Bruin Blast this year. You may have even participated in our related Foursquare giveaway (click here for more information; the special continues into October).
Stay tuned for more information about the campaign as the semester continues. In the meantime, you can view KCC’s Student Code of Conduct and other materials related to the Define Yourself campaign on the Define Yourself website at
How will you define yourself while a student at KCC? If you’d like to let us know how you define yourself in a positive way or if you’d like to share your response to our Define Yourself campaign, please send us an email by writing to