Student Clothesline Project event March 8 to raise awareness about violence against women

A text slide promoting KCC's Clothesline Project event March 8 to bring awareness to the issue of violence against women.

Kellogg Community College’s Student Life office is hosting a Clothesline Project event on campus next week to bring awareness to the issue of violence against women.

The event will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, March 8, in the Student Center on KCC’s North Avenue campus in Battle Creek. Participating students will have the opportunity to design a T-shirt that represents a particular woman’s experience or the experience of someone who cares about her.

T-shirts will be available in the Student Life office or a student may bring his or her own to decorate with provided art supplies. Informational resources will also be available at the event for students who may be victims of or know someone who is a victim of violence against women.

“Be Safe. Win Big.” punch cards promoting Safe Campus training will also be available to students during the event.

The Clothesline Project is a program started in 1990 to address the issue of violence against women by giving women affected by violence the opportunity to express their emotions by decorating a shirt. These shirts are then hung on a clothesline to be viewed by others as testimony to the issue. For more information, visit