KCC goes digital with 2017-18 Academic Catalog

A view of the reflecting pools area in front of the North Avenue campus on a sunny summer day.

Kellogg Community College this week launched the latest version of the College’s Academic Catalog, which is available for the first time in a new, interactive digital format.

KCC’s Academic Catalog is released each year to communicate the latest information about College programming, including updated degree and certificate program requirements; course descriptions and prerequisites; information about student admissions, finances, academic records and other important areas of concern for students; and more.

The 2017-18 version of the catalog is live now and can be accessed online by visiting http://catalog.kellogg.edu.

In previous years, KCC has offered print versions of the Academic Catalog each year to all students and staff, with PDFs of the catalog publicly available on the College website. The shift to the new interactive digital format modernizes one of KCC’s main communication pieces for students, increasing accessibility, functionality and convenience while reducing paper usage and waste.

“KCC is proud to offer students a more convenient and efficient tool for accessing important College information in the form of a new digital Academic Catalog,” KCC President Mark O’Connell said. “The new version of the catalog includes the latest information about KCC programming in a mobile-friendly, online format that’s easy to navigate, easy to share and impossible to lose.”

New features and functionalities now available in the digital version of the Academic Catalog include:

  • Accessibility from any digital device with access to the Internet, including smartphones and tablets
  • Quick links to each section of the catalog and a catalog-specific search function to assist users in finding information quickly
  • The option for posting specific catalog pages online, including on social media, via unique URLs
  • The option for printing pages of the catalog from your home computer
  • A help functionality for those who need assistance navigating catalog pages
  • And more!

The catalog is also integrated into KCC’s main website at www.kellogg.edu, making links to other areas of the College website conveniently accessible via the website’s existing menu structure.

The new digital version of KCC’s Academic Catalog was created in conjunction with Acalog, a catalog management service used by colleges and universities across the country.

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