Here’s a list of art classes offered at KCC this summer

A student draws a plant during an art class.

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Interested in art? Here’s a list of several art (ART) classes offered at Kellogg Community College during the Summer 2018 semester. For a complete list of Summer 2018 semester classes offered at KCC, visit and click on “Class Schedules” in the top menu to search for sections.

Click here to view photography-based ART classes offered at KCC this summer.

ART 110: Drawing (3 Credits)

An introduction to basic drawing techniques. Assignments cover line and form concepts including contour, perspective, defining and organizing shape, and value patterns.

ART 211: Art Appreciation (3 Credits)

A survey of contemporary and traditional visual art themes. Emphasis is on current problems in communication through painting, sculpture, photography, film and architecture. Recommended for art majors prior to enrollment in ART 212 or ART 213.

ART 213: Art History (3 Credits)

Historical survey of art from the Renaissance to the present day.

ART 281: Art Special Topics 2 (2 Credits)

This course is designed to allow the student to explore focus areas in art, such as cartoon drawing and illustration, 3-D design and sculpture and printmaking. Click here for more information about this course, which this summer focuses on Fundamental Printmaking.

ART 285: Independent Study 3 (3 Credits)

An opportunity for the interested student to pursue independently the study of some subject under the direction of a member(s) of the professional staff. Problems are designed and arrangements made to suit the needs of individual students.

The first Summer 2018 classes start May 14, and the semester ends Aug. 8. For information about signing up for summer classes, visit information about opportunities to study art at KCC, visit