Here’s a list of photography classes offered at KCC this summer

An overhead view of photography equipment.

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Interested in photography? Here’s a list of several photography (ART) classes offered at Kellogg Community College during the Summer 2018 semester. For a complete list of Summer 2018 semester classes offered at KCC, visit and click on “Class Schedules” in the top menu to search for sections.

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ART 220: Landscape Photography (3 credits)

Learn the fundamentals of landscape photography through a photographic experience built around an extended field trip. Lectures deal with concepts, tools and techniques of landscape photography. Students will produce a professional portfolio of landscape prints for review and gallery exhibition. This class may be combined with another interdisciplinary course.

ART 222: Introduction to Photography (3 credits)

This course will instruct the student in fundamental concepts and techniques of photography, including aesthetics and technical aspects as a basis for creating a photographic image. The student will learn to use the 35 mm camera, process film, composition, print finishing and basic printing. Instruction on traditional printing practice and digital technologies will be included. The student will be challenged to investigate photographic medium and consider its application to the making of art.

ART 227: Digital Color Photography (3 credits)

This course is intended to develop an understanding of technical and aesthetic foundation in color photography through the latest digital technology. Students will explore basic color photography with the use of film and digital photographic equipment: image scanning, color digital printing, digital camera and Adobe Photoshop.

ART 230: Digital Color Photography 2 (3 Credits)

This advanced course is intended to further refine the technical and aesthetic foundations in color photography through explorations of digital technology. Emphasis will be given to fields of photographic study including fine art and professional practices such as commercial illustration, documentary, portraiture and photojournalism. Students will take their own digital photographs and then utilize various photographic techniques including digital capture workflow, large-scale color digital printing, and advanced image editing software.

ART 296: Internship & Career Development (3 Credits)

This course provides supervision within a seminar setting for the Photography and Multimedia Internship and Career Development student. Activities may include reports on assigned readings, peer discussions of internship experiences, self-assessment activities, guest lectures, field trips, professional portfolio, art business analysis and promotional materials (resume, business card, postcard, etc.) development. This course is meant to provide a supportive environment in which to examine issues, address concerns, develop skills and receive the necessary guidance pertinent to the internship experience and process. Participation in all classes is mandatory. It is recommended that students take this course in their last semester of study.

The first Summer 2018 classes start May 14, and the semester ends Aug. 8. For information about signing up for summer classes, visit information about the Photography and Multimedia Program at KCC, visit