KCC Journalism Camp: Sixth grader Lily Daniel on new names, favorite animals and other topics

A portrait of KCC Journalism and News Writing Camp camper Lily Daniel shot by fellow camper Alexa Anthony.

Editor’s note: The following profile was written by 10-year-old Lakeview Middle School sixth grader Alexa Anthony as part of Kellogg Community College’s Journalism and News Writing Camp, running July 23 through 26 on the College’s North Avenue campus in Battle Creek. Daniel also shot the above portrait of her profile subject Lily Daniel during the camp.

By Alexa Anthony

Lily Daniel, 11, of Battle Creek, is a sixth grader at Lakeview Middle School. At Kellogg Community College’s journalism camp I asked Daniel why she came.

“I love writing and I thought it would be fun,” Daniel said.

Daniel lives with her mom and dad but has no siblings. She has no pets but once had five goldfish, but they died. Her hobbies are piano and drawing.

I asked Daniel what she wants to be when she grows up.

“I really want to be an engineering scientist and be a writer at home,” Daniel said.

Daniel is unsure of what college she wants to go to when she is older, but answered my next question very quickly, like she had the answer ready. The question I asked was if she could change her first name, what would she change it to?

She answered, “Samantha.”

Daniel’s favorite animal is a lioness because her stuffed animal Lila is a lioness. Since she doesn’t have a pet, I was curious what animal she would want as a pet and she said a kitten or a cat. Since I asked what pet she would want I asked what would you name your cat and she answered, “Cat.”

Daniel’s best friends are Alexa A. and Vivian W.

When asked if she would rather have 100 cats or three baby sloths, Daniel said that she would rather have 100 cats. Since we were on the topic of animals, I asked if she could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be?

“A baby otter because they are so cute!” Daniel answered like a baby otter was the cutest thing alive.

Daniel’s favorite thing to do with her family is to shop.

“Not like grocery shopping, like book and cloth shopping,” Daniel said.

Daniel’s favorite season is winter, because “You can play in the snow and it isn’t hot out,” she said.

When asked if she likes cake or cookies better, Daniel first answered cookies but changed her mind to cake. When asked if she likes stuffed animals or dolls better, she couldn’t choose, so this one was a tie.

Since we were on the topic of stuffed animals I was just curious if she ever wished her stuffed animals could talk. Daniel answered “no” really quickly and I would’ve said yes, I think to keep me company.

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