Share your voice! Check your KCC email for a link to KCC’s climate assessment survey

An illustration featuring raised hands under speech bubbles.

Kellogg Community College is asking all current students to watch for a link to a climate assessment survey in their KCC email starting April 15.

You can also take the survey directly by following this link:

Please note: Only students 18 and older can participate in the survey.

The survey, which will be available to complete online for approximately two weeks, is designed to help the College gauge student experiences and how welcomed students feel on campus. All students are asked to participate in the survey.

Jorge Zeballos, executive director of the Center for Diversity and Innovation at KCC, said the results of the survey will help KCC understand where the College is at now so it can create a clear path forward to becoming as safe and inclusive as possible for all students and staff.

“It’s a survey that will help KCC improve its ability to create a welcoming space for everyone, and because of that your voice as a student is critically important,” Zeballos said. “We cannot do this without your input.”

Zeballos said the survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete, and will cover topics along the lines of how students experience their school environment at KCC and the extent to which they feel included, embraced and welcomed on campus. The survey, the results of which will be confidential, will also measure data along the lines of race, ethnicity, sexual identity, gender and other points of interest to help the College on its path to becoming as equitable and inclusive as possible.

The survey will be administered online by Maryland-based Washington Consulting Group, and internal KCC staff will see only aggregated information, not personally identifiable data. KCC has been working with WCG since December on a broad climate assessment to better understand the extent to which the College’s values are reflected in the daily experiences of its students and employees.

The assessment work is part of KCC’s continued push toward becoming an equity-minded organization, defined by the College as “an institution that fosters respect for others, supports cultural understanding, demonstrates ethical behavior and champions social justice.”

Results from the survey and other assessment work will be used to guide and inform decision making by KCC leadership in the future. A comprehensive report including the findings from the survey; focus groups with faculty, staff and students; and other data analysis, as well as recommendations for further action, is expected this summer and will be communicated with students once available.

For more information, contact Zeballos at or 269-965-7349.