Sign up for online PE classes including weight training, yoga-pilates and more this summer at KCC

Students do yoga during class at the Miller Gym

Kellogg Community College students looking to get in shape as the weather turns warmer have four physical education classes to choose from this summer semester, all of which are offered online.

KCC this summer is offering two sections of Healthy Lifestyle Practices and one section each of Beginning Weight Training and Yoga-Pilates Fusion. Details about each class are below.

Physical Education Program Coordinator Eierí Jordán Salivia said the PE classes are a great opportunity for students to take inexpensive college classes while staying active and exercising from home. Students will also complete logs, questionnaires and reflective essays during each course “to help them grow and understand the importance of wellness for a healthier lifestyle,” Salivia said.

“Through our courses students will have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and how wellness applies to their lives,” he said. “Each of our courses is meant to aid in improving the health of our students. The PE courses are activity classes where they will be able to exercise and learn about weight training and/or yoga-pilates from the comfort of their private places but guided by KCC faculty. The PEHL courses will go in depth about multiple facets of wellness that will help students understand behaviors that are not favorable on their lives and how to modify them.”

Physical Education Program classes offered this summer at KCC include:

  • PEHL 140-90: Healthy Lifestyle Practices, running online from May 17 through July 9
  • PEHL 140-91: Healthy Lifestyle Practices, running online from June 1 through July 23
  • PE 131-90: Beginning Weight Training, running online from May 17 through Aug. 5
  • PE 171-90: Yoga-Pilates Fusion, running online from May 17 through Aub. 5

PEHL 140-91 and PE 171-90 will be taught by Salivia, who is also KCC’s head women’s soccer coach. PEHL 140-90 and PE 131-90 will be taught by Physical Education professor and Head KCC Baseball Coach Eric Laskovy.

“The PEHL 140 courses are our wellness courses covering all aspects of personal health and wellness,” Salivia said. “PEHL 140 is a course that fulfills the Bruin Standard and is required for some degrees, such as the new Exercise Science and Sports Management degrees.”

PEHL 140 also transfers to two dozen colleges and universities in Michigan. Click here for a list of the colleges and universities in Michigan that PEHL 140 will transfer to.

PE 131 also transfers to several in-state schools. Click here for a list of a dozen colleges and universities in Michigan that PE 131 will transfer to.

For more information about Physical Education programming at KCC, contact Salivia at

Summer Registration

Information about signing up for Summer 2021 classes at Kellogg Community College can be found online at

The first Summer 2021 classes start May 17, and the semester ends Aug. 5. Students are encouraged to sign up for classes as early as possible because space is limited and many classes fill up by the start of the semester.

Students new to KCC must fill out an application and verify residency before signing up for classes. Admissions applications can be completed online at

Those who wish to meet with an academic advisor prior to registering are encouraged to schedule an appointment online at or by calling 269-965-4124 or emailing