Benevolent Bruins: New scholarship fund for International Studies

In 2019, KCC Integrative Learning Director Kate Coplin and KCC History Professor Michelle Wright created a way to provide support to students who wish to participate in international studies and travel abroad with KCC through the Carol Ott International Studies Scholarship. 

The Global and International Studies Program at Kellogg Community College prepares students for careers in a variety of fields from education to diplomacy. The program emphasizes global awareness, foreign language proficiency, multiculturalism and study abroad.

In an increasingly more complex and integrated world, global education is becoming an important advantage for students entering the workforce and for students wishing to advance in their current positions. With this program, KCC provides international travel opportunities for students and community members to countries around the world. Students have traveled with KCC to international locations including Central America, Cuba, Eastern Europe, England, Ireland and Italy.

“Cross-cultural and global experiences are valuable and can be essential for many job and career opportunities,” Coplin said. “We want to make sure all students can access these transformational experiences.”

This scholarship award may be used for the lab/added cost fee for an international studies course/travel or for independent study.

Coplin and Wright named the scholarship to honor Carol Ott, who passed away in 2007 at the age of 26. Ott enthusiastically participated in the program and was the inspiration for the naming of the scholarship fund.

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