Recent grad Elissa Ferris talks about her time at KCC

Elissa Ferris

Elissa Ferris, 19, of Battle Creek, graduated from KCC this spring with an Associate in General Studies degree and plans to attend Western Michigan University on her path to become a physical therapist.

Ferris, who was the College’s 2022 commencement speaker, was awarded All-Michigan Academic Team and Registered Student Organization Officer of the Year honors at KCC’s recent Outstanding Bruin Awards ceremony. She was also recently announced as one of two 2022 recipients of the KCC Foundation’s prestigious Virginia M. Hensley Education or Health Care Two-Year Transfer Scholarship for the Highest Achieving Kellogg Community College Graduates.

Below, Ferris answers some questions about her experience at KCC.

Why did you decide to study general studies?

I wanted to get a good college foundation and KCC was the absolute best place to do it. Achieving an associate degree in general studies set me up for success by preparing me for the next step of my educational journey.

Why did you decide to study specifically at KCC?

KCC was the best place I could’ve gone to begin my education for so many reasons. KCC allowed me to pursue my goals with financial backing from the Foundation, opportunities to grow mentally and an incredible community to support me along the way.

What was your favorite part about your time at KCC?

My favorite part about KCC is definitely the community! There are so many incredible people at KCC who have played such a huge role in my life. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them.

What’s the most interesting thing you learned in your studies at KCC?

I learned some incredible things about the human anatomy and physiology at KCC that just fueled my fire to continue my career path.

What is your goal for after you graduate from KCC? What do you hope to do for a career?

My goal is to continue my education at Western Michigan University and finish my bachelor’s degree. Then I hope to apply to graduate school to achieve a doctorate in physical therapy.

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