KCC Dental Clinic upgrades include new patient chairs, improved workflow

KCC Dental Hygiene student Alexis Kosten works on “patient” and Dental Hygiene student Addie Etelamaki during class in KCC’s Dental Hygiene Clinic.

Editor’s note: The following article first appeared on page 4 of the May 12, 2016, edition of the Battle Creek Shopper News. Kellogg Community College students and community members alike are benefiting from the most significant upgrades to the college’s… Continue Reading

Dental Hygiene student experiment shows effect of cola vs. water on egg shells

A photo showing the results of an "eggs-periment" from KCC Dental Hygiene student Lauren Rubley, who soaked the egg on the left in water and the egg on the right in cola for two hours. The lines on the egg on the right are from Rubley wiping the egg with a cloth to dry it off -- the cloth took part of the shell's surface with it.

Interested in a career in Dental Hygiene? The deadline to apply for KCC’s Dental Hygiene Program beginning this fall is Friday, April 1. Click here for more info! Second-year Kellogg Community College Dental Hygiene student Lauren Rubley, president of KCC’s… Continue Reading

Graduate of first Dental Hygiene class at KCC retires after working more than 40 years in Battle Creek

Retired dental hygienist Gail James, left, sits in her exam room at Battle Creek’s Halonen Family Dentistry with patient Kevin Rabineau, Dean of Arts and Sciences and Regional Education at KCC. James, who was a member of KCC’s first graduating Dental Hygiene class in 1972, saw Rabineau as her last patient before officially retiring from Halonen on Jan. 28. She’d worked as a dental hygienist at the practice since 1981.

Applications for KCC’s 2016-17 Dental Hygiene Program are available now! For more information, visit www.kellogg.edu/dentalhygiene. – # – You could say Gail James puts the dental in coincidental. Working as a receptionist for a dentist in the summer following her high school graduation,… Continue Reading